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Candidate Experience

The Return on Investment of Candidate Experience

Excellent candidate experience is crucial to a business's present and future. Its impact can create a stellar reputation from which revenue and sales...


The Five Ways to Improve Your Time To Hire score

Everyone involved in recruitment desires a speedy process. Candidates wish to know if they've been successful. Whereas, for employers, vacant roles...

Candidate Experience

How to get started with the Talenthub pilot

At Talenthub, we believe candidate experience can be a company's point of difference in a competitive job market. Our innovative platform delivers...


How to attract passive job seekers

The shift to a candidate-driven recruitment market has resulted in businesses changing their approach to securing top talent. However, great active...

Talent Attraction

How to recruit and retain a flexible workforce

Hiring and retaining excellent employees is a top priority for all businesses. And for top talent today, when looking to accept a job offer or stay...

Candidate Experience

Guide to measuring your candidate experience

Learn how to measure candidate experience and improve your recruitment process. You will attract top talent and create more brand ambassadors.

Candidate Experience

The business case for candidate experience

Why is candidate experience an excellent investment for businesses? We explore the benefits and the positive impact it can provide an organization.

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