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Find the Right Tool to Measure and Improve Candidate Experience
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Find the Right Tool to Measure and Improve Candidate Experience

Using the right tools to measure and improve Candidate Experience can help companies discover insights, identify trends, increase transparency, facilitate continuous improvement, and establish a commitment to candidate-centric recruitment. Talenthub's Candidate Experience Analytics Platform is a tool that offers automatic feedback collection, data analysis, and personalized guidance from experienced Candidate Experience Managers to make the process as convenient as possible.

This article is part of Talenthub's Ultimate Guide to Candidate Experience.

Candidate Experience is becoming increasingly important for companies that want to attract and retain top talent. It refers to the overall perceptions, feelings, and interactions that a candidate has with a company during the recruitment and hiring process. 

A positive Candidate Experience can result in higher levels of engagement, better quality hires, and an improved Employer Brand. 

Conversely, a negative experience can lead to lost candidates, negative word-of-mouth, and a damaged reputation that draws candidates away.

To ensure that they are continuously providing a positive Candidate Experience and attracting applicants with their people-first approach, companies are increasingly turning to tools to measure and analyze their recruitment processes. 

These tools enable Talent Acquisition teams to collect data on how candidates perceive their recruitment efforts, and to use this data to identify areas for improvement.






5 Reasons Why Using the Right Tool is Key to Improving Candidate Experience

Implementing a process that effectively contributes to a positive Candidate Experience requires the right tools that enable talent acquisition teams to measure and showcase the right data. Why?


Discover Actionable Insights

Candidate Experience tools provide companies with data which facilitates informed decisions throughout the entire recruitment process: from brainstorming on strategy to identifying and building specific recruitment stages. 

By collecting feedback from candidates, you can identify pain points in the process, such as lengthy application forms or poor communication, and take steps to address them. This can help to improve the overall Candidate Experience and increase the chances of attracting and retaining top talent.

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Visualize Findings to Identify Trends

By collecting Candidate Experience data over time and across every stage of the recruitment process, you can identify trends and patterns in candidate behavior. 

For example, if candidates consistently drop out at a certain stage of the process, this may indicate that there is an issue that needs to be addressed. By identifying these trends, you can make targeted improvements to the recruitment process.

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Increase Transparency of the Process

Using Candidate Experience tools can increase transparency in the recruitment process. By providing candidates with regular updates on the status of their application and next steps, you can build trust with candidates and improve their overall experience. This can also help to improve the company's Employer Brand, as candidates are more likely to share positive experiences with others, and help you align your recruitment efforts within the organization.

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Facilitate Continuous Improvement

Measuring and improving Candidate Experience is not a one-time event, but an ongoing process. By collecting feedback from candidates and analyzing data from all touchpoints, you can continuously improve the recruitment process and boost the Candidate Experience it provides. This can help to ensure that the company remains competitive in attracting and retaining the right talent.

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Establish a Commitment to Candidate-Centric Recruitment

By using tools to measure Candidate Experience, you can demonstrate your commitment to candidate-centricity. This can help to attract top talent, increasingly looking for employers who prioritize Candidate Experience and their existing and potential employees’ well-being. Proudly showing your efforts to improve can also help boost the company's reputation and increase the likelihood of candidates accepting job offers.

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Use Talenthub’s Candidate Experience Analytics Platform for a Holistic Approach to Your Recruitment Process

Finding the right tool that does it all when it comes to Candidate Experience can be hard. Here’s how Talenthub can help you start prioritizing your candidates more efficiently and empower your recruitment operations to start hiring better and faster with automated processes and data-driven objectives.


Collect Feedback Automatically with Our Proven Question Framework

The Candidate Experience Analytics Platform is a powerful tool that allows companies to gain a deep understanding of their recruitment process. With Talenthub, you can easily collect feedback from candidates, hiring managers, and recruiters, all in one convenient dashboard.

The platform provides insights on candidate satisfaction, team alignment, and overall performance, making it easy to identify actionable goals and areas for improvement.

Designing custom candidate feedback surveys is a breeze with access to a library of over 250 survey question templates, based on our proven driver framework, and continuous support from a Candidate Experience Manager. 

Customizing the surveys according to branding ensures consistency and helps to build a strong Employer Brand Value (EBV).

Most importantly, collecting candidate feedback is made easy with Talenthub. Candidate surveys can be automatically sent out via your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with an API, or embedded into existing candidate communication for every stage of the process. This way, you can start tracking your Candidate Experience with a couple of clicks.


Understand and Act on Data with Ease – No Analytical Experience Needed

With a proven survey question framework used by organizations across all sectors, Talenthub facilitates global and industry-specific benchmarking to track Candidate Experience progress over time.

The platform provides insights into what candidates, new hires, hiring managers, and recruiters value and challenge in the recruitment process, along with best practices, recommendations, and filters to strengthen recruitment operations. 

With regular email reports, in-platform recommendations, and dedicated assistance from a Candidate Experience Manager, your Talent Acquisition teams are equipped with ways to optimize the recruitment process internally and externally. 

Additionally, the user-friendly dashboard makes navigating through data points collected across different time periods, locations, departments, etc. effortless.


Continuous Sparring and Best Practice Sharing with Experienced Candidate Experience Managers

Talenthub assigns every customer with a Candidate Experience Manager with the aim of providing personalized guidance and assistance to optimize recruitment processes and elevate Candidate Experience. 

With their dedicated Candidate Experience Managers, you can plan, build, and implement effective survey flows, receive high-level consulting or hands-on best practice sharing, and monitor performance over time using the wealth of data collected from candidates. 

As the primary contact for inquiries regarding setup, data analysis, and best-practice sharing, these experienced HR and recruitment professionals serve as sparring partners to translate candidate feedback into actionable to-do lists.

Are you ready to see how we can elevate your Candidate Experience efforts and strengthen your recruitment efforts? Book a personalized demo of the platform here.


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In Short

Candidate Experience is a crucial factor in attracting and retaining top talent, and companies are increasingly turning to tools to measure and improve it. 

The benefits of using these tools include:

  • discovering actionable insights
  • visualizing findings to identify trends
  • increasing transparency
  • facilitating continuous improvement
  • establishing a commitment to candidate-centric recruitment 


Talenthub's Candidate Experience Analytics Platform is a tool that helps companies collect feedback automatically, understand and act on data with ease, and receive continuous sparring and best practice sharing with experienced Candidate Experience Managers. 

This way, you can prioritize candidates more efficiently and empower their recruitment operations to hire better and faster with automated processes and data-driven objectives.