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How to be the best and attract top candidates for your jobs

Here's why the top candidates don't look your way - and what your company can do to make candidates desperate to work with you

An office full of Einstein's, Picasso's or Kanye West's. Would that not be the dream?

The ideas, the productivity, the hair. 🔥


For every business or company, the hunt for the best candidates to fill their positions is critical to improving various aspects of their organization.

However, with an overcrowded, highly competitive job market, employers and candidates are all vying for the best of the best. 

The best candidates want to work at the best companies. That is relatively simple logic. And so businesses are now competing against domestic and international competitors for new talent.

The competition for top candidates is only going to get more strenuous and more demanding. So, to find the right talent to bring your company to the next level, you need to be able to stand out. 🏃‍♀️

This article will show you how you can attract the best candidates. We will look at:

  • How you can develop a recruitment strategy that appeals to candidates.
  • How by adopting a global approach to recruitment you can tap into a wider pool of talent.
  • How outperforming your competitors can make you the ideal destination for potential recruits.
  • As well as how reputation and the image you present to the world will make or break a candidate's opinions. And what you can do as a business to increase consideration and interest among candidates.

So, get yourself ready, a coffee or tea in hand and let’s learn how to get those top candidates!

A less complicated, far superior recruitment process

That is not to say the recruitment process should be any less intensive. Your company deserves the best of the best candidates. So the recruitment process should be challenging to find your first choice. 🥇

However, that does not mean the recruitment process should be so complicated that it causes you to  lose or scare candidates away before applying.

These steps can help improve your recruitment process:

  • Ensure your job specification is easy to understand. No unnecessary words or business jargon that will only confuse. Your message to applicants is to the point. What do you require in a candidate, the importance of the job and what you can offer as a company? You can find some help here with creating your perfect job description.
  • Easy to access. When searching for new roles, 77% of job seekers use the company's website as their source for information. Therefore, candidates should not need to scroll through thousands of web pages to find the job listing. Offer the opportunity to apply for careers front and centre on your website. Or advertise it within a suitable medium for your relevant audience.
  • No overload of forms. Keep the actual application simple. No surprises on a second page, so the candidates can prepare themselves effectively.
  • The personal, friendly tone in interactions. Make the candidate feel comfortable, a happy recruitment journey. For examples on how to talk with candidates, these could come in handy. 

A Transparent Approach

90% of candidates want to work for a transparent company.

Steps taken to improve transparency and openness between the company and candidates reflect your organization and recruitment process. 🪟

You can increase transparency in several ways, such as:

  • Offer a face or provide a contact detail for candidates to find out more about the job 👋. It helps the candidates with any queries, pushing them to apply or maybe help them realize that the job is not right for them. 
  • Engage and find your active applicants, those with questions and a desire to learn about your company. A transparent approach helps connect companies with these applicants. And with their interest and go-getting attitude, these candidates could make a great fit within your organization.
  • Go the extra mile. Check-in with candidates, provide news or information on the company. Which can deepen a candidate’s interest and commitment. Use regular checking-in moments to connect up your recruitment process and give the candidates a personal, warm experience from beginning to end.
  • Offering concrete time frames when they can expect news of their application reconciles expectations and transparency.

A transparent approach shows respect and interest in your candidates. It provides the candidates with an active role within the process. Candidates are informed about its developments rather than waiting for news about their application.

As well as this, a transparent approach helps make sure the best candidates maintain interest and desire in the process. And you are not losing interest at the first hurdle. 

Widen your horizons 🗺️


It is true to say that technology and globalization have shrunk the world. 

It is now possible to work with people remotely or zooming in to work from anywhere in the world. Steady Internet connection dependent, of course. 

In a PwC survey, 78% believe that remote collaboration is here to stay for the long term.

Therefore, limiting your recruitment process within a local area eliminates the chance of finding the perfect candidate in a different town, city or country. 

You may miss out on your future manager, leader or innovator, simply because they did not live in the same place that your company resides.

So, widening your horizons to solicit applications from talented candidates, wherever they may be, can only be a win for your business. 

Furthermore, by extending your search, you are potentially increasing your brand recognition or knowledge of your organization to profitable new markets. 

More positive exposure = more great candidates! 💸

Outperform your competitors

The more successful your company, the easier it is to attract the most talented candidates.

For example, global behemoths like Nike, Disney and Google, have queues around the street for an opportunity to work for them. 

Yes, in reality, we cannot all be like these organizations.

However, there's nothing wrong with taking inspiration. Set your targets high, drive progress and show the world what great things you are accomplishing. 💦

Work harder

Applicants want to see this; 40% believe a company’s market reputation is what leads them to apply for a position at the company

I am sure you will begin to notice that the candidate pool you are fishing in will get deeper and deeper as news travels of what a great business you are. 🎣

Reputation is Everything

Your reputation should precede you. 

Reading and hearing positive things about a company can be a precious catalyst to boosting candidate interest when searching for new places to work.

So, show yourself off! 🦚

Sell your company and the reasons why it is the best place to work. It could be your company’s work, values, culture and how you help your employees to grow. If you are proud of it, I’m sure candidates will love to learn more!

Just as traditional marketing is crucial to promote your products and solutions, employer branding can set you apart from other businesses hunting professionals. 🔗

80% of HR leaders regard employer branding as key to attracting new talent, and 51% of those will be seeking to further invest in their employer branding.

Therefore, it is imperative that your company's reputation is outstanding to get ahead of the competition and make sure you get the best candidates filling your positions.

🙋How can I boost my reputation?

Your Employees = Brand Ambassadors

Moreover, just as success heightens candidate interest in working for a company, so does the reality of working there. 

Brand ambassadors

People want to feel proud of where they work. 😁

 27% of candidates base their choice in applying for a company on the company's ethics, and 17% for the fun company culture it radiates. 

Potential candidates want to know that their future workplace and its culture match their personalities and values.

So, treating your current employees well and making sure they are supported not only makes them more productive but ensures that their testimonies contribute to potential candidates' decision-making when looking for a new job and company. 🤗

When your teams are happy, they are more invested in your organization achieving success. This level of engagement and support is invaluable to you and can help attract further excellent candidates.

You could present the experiences of your employees by:

This approach acts as both an attraction and retention tool. It draws in positive interest from candidates, and why would a current employee want to leave a place where everything is so great?

In all honesty, everyone loves to show off that their job is fantastic. People wish to see the envy and awe that their friends and family give when they say the words "I work for…".

So, your employees are valuable ambassadors for your brand and an effective recruitment tool. They are a vital element of an authentic employer brand, and they can help showcase your brand personality to an audience of potential top candidates.

They will hopefully relay their great experiences within your organization to friends and family, and like that the word is out there, your company is one of the best in town!📰

Free advertising! 🙌

Act on feedback 🎬

Insight from current employees and candidates alike can help foster an environment where businesses are continuously seeking to improve.

Especially when improving your reputation via business processes. Talking to current employees and candidates can facilitate this.

Current employees

These individuals know and understand the organization from the inside. They see what the company does to brand itself and take an active part in its self-promotion. They also hear people's feelings towards their company.

The workforce's opinions and views could help bring about positive change.

Candidates, successful or not

As for candidates, they can shine a light on what attracted them to your company in the first place. What drove them to apply for the positions.🔦

So, you can find the style of messaging that draws the most considerable number of candidates. What kind of information they want to hear about your company, what convinced them that this was the workplace for them and what factors did not.

Apply the knowledge learnt to evolve your employer branding strategy.

Not all feedback will be perfect. But that is good! 👍

Appreciate the good and positive and act on the negative. Which will allow you to improve your employer branding and working culture.

Share your stories

Nothing beats a great story

To get the best talent applying for your roles, you need to boost their awareness of your organization. And promote your hard work and results.

According to a 2016 Glassdoor survey, 69% of those searching for work would instead work at a company that actively develops its employer brand. Either through updating their company profile, answering questions on social media or sharing stories.

By seeking out ways to connect to candidates, you draw more and more candidates into your orbit. 🛰️

Although capturing the attention of active and passive candidates is difficult, particularly with such a range of competition, it requires you to be innovative and target relevant audiences correctly.

The importance of social media

74% of job seekers use social media in their job search, which rises to 86% among younger job seekers, the online world is the battleground for candidates' hearts and minds. 💖

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, give your company the chance to present a more personal side. People are attracted to people rather than faceless organizations. 😀

Social Media is a storytelling medium. You can present to the world a workplace and its employees having a brilliant time.

Happy faces, examples of great work and positive growth are a powerful message to anyone considering applying for a position at your organization.

And convince candidates that this is a workplace that will aid their personal and professional growth.

As well as reminding those already working at the company of the great environment you have built together.

Understand your candidates

By better understanding where your candidates acquire their information, what platforms, what websites they use, you can tailor how news and insights into your company get to them.

The message should stay the same, promoting the business, what it does, your values and the great benefits to working there, but it may need to be delivered in different forms. 

To cater to the different types of candidates, you may be searching for those fresh from university or individuals with senior management experience. Make sure your message is current and relevant.

How to make the top candidates always look your way 😎

To attract the best, you need to stand out among your competitors.

You can do this by:

  • Improving and streamlining your recruitment process to appeal to more candidates.
  • Improve the transparency of your organization. Show candidates a different side to you.
  • Extend your search for candidates beyond the local environment; go global!
  • Strive to outperform your competition. Being the best brings more positive focus and attention to your company. Thus increasing the demand and wanting to work there.
  • Remember that your reputation and your employer branding are the keys to attracting top-tier talent. Use the resources you have, your employees, feedback, traditional and new communication mediums to build something unique.

These approaches towards sharing your stories and boosting awareness can increase consideration and interest among candidates. 

And when they are searching for new jobs, they will be fully aware of the type of organization you are and how it may be the best place for them. 

This means you are attracting a broader and more talented range of candidates. Thus making your selection a more demanding but more enriching experience.

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