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The Talenthub Pilot: How to Get Started?
3 min read

The Talenthub Pilot: How to Get Started?

Many companies are interested in taking their Candidate Experience to the next level. 

At Talenthub, we believe candidate experience can be a company's point of difference in a competitive job market. Our innovative platform delivers data and insight from across the recruitment funnel to support the optimization of the process and deliver unique candidate experiences. 

To create a candidate-centric culture, our pilot acts as an introduction to Talenthub. This article, therefore, will outline:

  • The different stages of the pilot.
  • As well as how the 30-day pilot can help you to build an internal business case to assess Talenthub, the insights and the platform.


Talenthub: The leading Candidate Experience survey platform

Talenthub specializes in supporting companies to deliver exceptional candidate experiences. 

Its state-of-the-art platform provides a granular perspective of their hiring process to analyze performance and improve efficiency. In addition, through candidate feedback, your organization will be able to align its recruiting practices with their needs. 

Candidate experience is a vital tool for businesses today for their growth and reputation. In partnership with Talenthub, we can support your business not only to create exceptional candidate experiences but:

  • Improve the performances of your recruiting teams and individuals.
  •  Visualize and segment data to standardize excellent candidate experience across your business regardless of department or location to attract great talent.
  • Create a recruitment experience that strives to turn all applicants into brand ambassadors.
  • Build a positive connection with candidates integral to maintaining and increasing your customer base.


The five stages of the Talenthub pilot


Kick-off meeting

Our kick-off meeting is an excellent opportunity to introduce your stakeholders to Talenthub, who we are and how we work. We cover the scope of the pilot. For example, the questions we ask candidates, based on Talenthub's key drivers for exceptional candidate experience, how we implement the surveys and our customers' expectations for the pilot. Talenthub seeks to build a good working relationship with potential customers, and our kick-off meeting enables us to establish a critical connection.



One week after our kick-off meeting, we have the implementation, or go-live, session. We bring hyperlinks to the types of surveys we will use with your candidates and updated versions of your email templates for your consideration.


The platform introduction

Seven to fourteen days after going live, we delve into the Talenthub platform. Here we explain the main features and functionalities of the platform. We explore the data collected thus far during the platform introduction to give you an initial idea of how you are tracking and the candidate feedback. After this session, you'll have access to the platform. Now, you can track the incoming data and set up weekly or monthly reports to relevant colleagues and add other users.


The Status Call

Twenty days after going live, it is time for a check-in. Here, we ensure that you are happy with how the pilot is progressing and answer any questions that you may have regarding your findings. Additionally, It is also an opportunity to review and align your expectations before the pilot evaluation meeting.


The pilot evaluation

The pilot evaluation is our final exam and the final chapter of our 30-day pilot. It is where Talenthub sits down with its customers to discuss the current state of their candidate experience. We look at the positives and where we think improvements can be made regarding the delivery of candidate experience and suggest recommendations.


The Talenthub pilot: The first step to exceptional candidate experiences

For 95% of companies, the pilot highlighted the business case of understanding and analyzing candidate experience, resulting in the continuation of the partnership after the 30 days had concluded. Our pilot helps you build an internal business case and assess the value a partnership with Talenthub can bring. The insight you acquire through our platform into your hiring journey and candidates' needs will highlight the importance of candidate experience for a modern organization.

Talenthub seeks to make recruitment better, and the first step to excellent candidate experience begins with the pilot.