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We did some internal A/B testing. Response rates were significantly higher with Talenthub. The analysis is better: The dashboard, analytics and the possibility to compare. Talenthub is far more user-friendly and ease-of-use is high.


Lidiya Nadych-Petrenko, Head of Global Talent Acquisition at JTI

We use the data to keep track of hiring manager’s performance both before, during and after job interviews.

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Alexander Kanto, Talent Acquisition Manager at DFDS

At JYSK we say that every candidate is also a potential customer. We chose talenthub as we wanted to make sure our candidate experience reflects our customer- and employee experience.

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Karolina Kroužková, HR Digital Manager at JYSK

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Fundamentally we see ourself as a Candidate Experience tool and not a survey tool. If you just want to survey then make use of Survey Monkey, but if you want to work proactively with your Candidate Experience, then get in touch.

Yes, but we already have a library of verified questions, which allow you to benchmark up against other companies.  

We currently support 23 languages. If we for any reason do not support yours, we are always motivated by adding more languages.  

We can survey on your career page, inside your job ad, confirmation letter, interview process, rejection, assessment and onboarding. 

We also allow for surveying Hiring Managers and Recruiters on their experience with the recruitment process. This is however not a part of the free pilot. 

The feedback giving by candidates through talenthub is anonymous, and the surveys are 100% optional for the candidates. When clicking on a survey link, the candidate can accept cookies, which allow us to collect anonymous data for analytics purposes. It will also be possible for the candidate to leave feedback if they reject cookies.

Talenthub is ‘integrated’ to your ATS, by copy-pasting our survey links into your email templates. We are using the macros/shortcodes in your ATS, to track which position/department/hiring manager etc. the feedback is related to. In some cases, we have a more advanced API-integration to the ATS, which is a part of our enterprise offering.

The response rates vary in the different touchpoints. In the confirmation email and after interviews +60% of the applicants give feedback. In the general rejection, it is between 10-20%. At the career page, 3-5% of your website visitors leave feedback.

Probably the easiest you have ever tried, when it comes to HR Tech. When we know which touchpoints you want to measure in, and have chosen the questions you want to ask, it’s simply just implementing our survey links in your emails by copy-pasting.
The career page widget is implemented by inserting a short script in the backend of your website.