Improve Candidate Experience across your Greenhouse workflows

The perfect combination of an extraordinary Applicant Tracking System and best in class Candidate Experience solutions. 

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Get more out of Greenhouse

Talenthub has partnered with Greenhouse, allowing you to get the best of both worlds. All data, events and triggers are fully automated, to ensure the easiest and most efficient way to start working with Candidate Experience, Onboarding experience and Hiring Manager experience.

Custom filtering and reporting

We gather information from your Greenhouse setup into Talenthub. We help you filter candidate scores based on recruiter, department, job, hiring manager, location and much more.

Global and industry benchmark

Compare your scores to global benchmarks or compare to other organizations operating in the same industry as you.

Measure the entire candidate journey

Send out surveys on all stages of the candidate journey. Track the journey from the moment a candidate visits your career page and throughout all the way through their onboarding.

Support surveys in
+25 languages

Our solutions support +25 languages from around the world, enabling you to scale initiatives globally. Instantly.

Customizable candidate surveying on top of Greenhouse

Collect data through your entire recruitment process. Based on applicants’ input, we help you optimise your recruitment processes and build the perfect candidate experience, all fully integrated into Greenhouse and presented in an easy-to-read dashboard.

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Transparent and aligned communication with all candidates

Our Candidate Portal will allow your candidates to prepare with personalized materials and video tutorials for exactly the stage they are in. All to ensure your candidates are well-prepared, setting them up for success and allowing recruiters to make more informed decisions and giving you better hires.

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Take charge of your data

All the Insights, Metrics & Answers in one Dashboard.

The dashboard will be your favorite recruitment cockpit. Here you and your team can easily get an overview of your current status and deep dive into specific areas and segments. All data is automatically aligned with your Greenhouse workflows. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Talenthub help setting up the integration?

Yes. All Talenthub customers have their own dedicated Candidate Experience Manager, who assists in all stages of our solutions and products. Based on your requirements and input we customize the integration to perfection. 

What does API mean?

API stands for application programming interface. Our API Integration is a connection between Greenhouse and talenthub. The API allow us to exchange data between Greenhouse and Talenthub automatically.

What about maintenance of the integration?

Maintenance of the integration is on us. We will make sure that everything is updated and working as it should. If you want to adjust any conditions, surveys, texts etc., we are always happy to provide help and support.

Do you integrate with other Applicant Tracking Systems?

Yes we do. We've highlighted all of our native integrations on this page