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Improve retention of new hires with great onboarding

With feedback from new hires, you can identify how to improve the onboarding experience. A good onboarding supports higher productivity and reduces Employee Turnover during the first months of employment. 

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How do new hires experience your onboarding?

Use our product to measure the effectiveness of your onboarding and learn what you can do to improve the experience for new employees in the future.

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Learn what new hires want you to add to your pre-boarding checklist, and keep a high level of engagement during the pre-boarding stage. This will decrease the ratio of unsuccessful hires.

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Stronger company culture

Strong company culture starts with great onboarding. 69% of companies that invest in employee onboarding report that new hires quicker become included in the corporate culture.

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Increase productivity

A proper and well-executed onboarding creates highly motivated employees who are more committed to your company. 

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Minimize employee turnover

28% of employees quit within the first three months of employment. Learn what you can do to minimize this expensive trend. 

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How to collect feedback from your new hires...

It's very easy to get started:

1. Design your surveys 

We help you customize each survey to ensure alignment.

2. Simple implementation

Insert survey links in the existing communication flow.

3. Collect and analyze

Analyze feedback and create a better onboarding experience.

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Did you know:

More than 100 verified questions

Handpick the right questions from our platform.

Various distribution channels

Our links can be sent and opened from various devices. 

Global platform

We are born global and surveying in more than 160 countries.

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Do you know your current performance?

By collecting feedback from your applicants in 60 days, we can give you the current status of your candidate experience. This is your chance to see our product 'in action' before committing to a long-term collaboration.



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