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Our pricing is based on features and your amount of applicants on a yearly basis.

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By collecting feedback from your applicants in 60 days, we can give you the current status on your candidate experience.

This is a way to see our product 'in action' before committing to a long term collaboration.


Confirmation mail

After interview

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Our standard subscription product is based on the amount of feedback received on a yearly basis. Pricing starts at €230. 

Unlimited users

Unlimited surveys

ATS integration

Custom questions


Annual business review

Dedicated Candidate Experience Specialist and insight access


Custom pricing

Enterprise is made for companies with special requests to their talenthub solution. Pricing of Enterprise is based on functionality / services.

Enterprise offerings:


Hiring Manager Surveys

More business reviews

Advanced reporting

Candidate Experience Pages

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"The customer service is great, and it seems to me, that talenthub are really interested in delivering great customer experience. I also feel that you have taken my feature requests seriously. If they are relevant to the majority, you are definitely considering improving the platform to fit my needs."
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Lidiya Nadych-Petrenko
Head of Global Talent Attraction at JTI

Frequently asked questions

Probably the easiest you have ever tried, when it comes to HR Tech. When we know which touchpoints you want to measure in, and have chosen the questions you want to ask, it’s simply just implementing our survey links in your emails by copy-pasting.

The widget is implemented by inserting a short script in the backend of your website. 

Talenthub is ‘integrated’ to your ATS, by copy-pasting our survey links into your email templates. We are using the macros / shortcodes in your ATS, to track which position/department/hiring manager etc. the feedback is related to. In some cases we have a more advanced API-integration to the ATS, which is a part of our enterprise offering.

The response rates various in the different touch points. In the confirmation email and after interviews +60% of the applicants gives feedback. In the general rejection it is between 10-20%. At the career page 3-5% of the users leaves feedback.

The feedback giving by candidates through talenthub is anonymous, and the surveys are 100% optional for the candidates. When clicking on a survey link, the candidate can accept cookies, which allow us to collect anonymous data for analytics purposes. It will also be possible for the candidate to leave feedback, if they reject cookies. 

The only personal data we store, is contact information on the employees at our clients, who have access to our platform.

With talenthub you are collaborating with a candidate experience company. We know what and where to ask and our questions are used across companies, which makes benchmarking possible. As a part of the collaboration we help you improve your candidate experience by giving you actionable recommendations. With others words, we can give you the bigger picture, when it comes to measuring and improving your recruitment experience.