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Learn how to build an extraordinary recruitment process

Collect feedback from the people going through your recruitment process, and learn what you can do to improve the experience both before, during and after job interviews.

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How do candidates experience your recruitment process?

We collect valuable feedback from your applicants during the recruitment process, so you can optimize your candidate experience and create brand ambassadors.

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Recruitment software

We help reduce talent drop-off, by identifying technical issues and optimize your application flow seen from job seekers point of view.

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Candidate communication

Create engaging communication with your candidates during the hiring process with the right level of information and transparency.

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Job interviews and tests

Understand how your candidates experience the job interview. Use the feedback to learn from the best and grow your standards.

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Assessment Centre

Collect feedback before, during and after your Assessment Centre, and learn how you can improve the experience for your participating candidates.

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would recommend their network to look into positions at a company, where they have had a good recruitment experience themselves.

* talenthub candidate insights 2020

Automated candidate feedback during the process...

How to get started?

1. Design your survey

We have various templates for each step in the process.

2. Insert survey link 

Copy-paste the survey link into your mail templates.

3. Collect and analyze

Analyze the feedback from your candidates on our platform.

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For absolutely free, we offer you to collect feedback from your applicants in up to 60 days. By doing this, we can give you the current status of your candidate experience. This is your chance to see our product 'in action' before eventually committing to a long-term collaboration.



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