Set your candidates
up for success

Being a candidate isn't easy when there is no one-size-fits-all approach to recruitment. The Talenthub Candidate Portal increases your candidates' opportunity to perform, helps you set the right expectations and improves the overall Candidate Experience.

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Strengthen your brand and personalize communication

Your very own Candidate Portal is an immersive experience for all your candidates. Designed to prepare candidates with personalized materials and video tutorials; fully customizable to fit your branding needs. 


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Personalized communication with all candidates

Our Candidate Portal will allow your candidates to prepare with personalized materials and video tutorials for exactly the stage they are in. All to ensure your candidates are well-prepared, setting them up for success and allowing recruiters to make more informed decisions and giving you better hires.

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Multiple languages

We work with companies all around the globe. Build your Candidate Portal in multiple languages and align your hiring efforts globally.

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Using the Candidate Portal to deliver personal candidate experience to more than 600.000 applicants/year

Jysk wanted a tool to improve their candidate's journey. For Camilla Ölander, Employee Branding Manager at Jysk, they aimed to make the hiring experience transparent and prepare candidates for each step of the recruitment process.


Unlimited amount of
video uploads

Build your own video tutorial library and get your candidates up to speed on the role, the interview process ahead, your expectations, company culture and interview best practices.

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Build your
Candidate Portal with your CaX Manager

Your personal Candidate Experience Manager facilitates a holistic approach to building and consistently updating your Candidate Portal based on feedback from your own candidates.  

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