Improve your Onboarding
with actionable data

Understand your Onboarding experience from your new hires' perspective, even before their first day at the office. Visualize and segment your data, benchmark against your industry and identify opportunities to strengthen employee satisfaction and increase retention.

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Evaluate and enhance your Onboarding experience

Understand your new hires' experiences with your Pre- and Onboarding efforts via personalized surveying. Learn how you can utilize the power of a comprehensive onboarding plan, provide effective training and set your new employees up for a long-lasting and fulfilling collaboration.


Make the most of your data with your personal CaX Manager

Getting the Pre- and Onboarding experience right is crucial to setting your new hires up for a good start. Our Candidate Experience Managers are here to help you identify gaps in your current Onboarding structure and build a nuanced strategy for improvement, based on first-hand feedback collected from your new employees.

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Great Onboarding experience lead to
high retention

A strong Pre- and Onboarding experience yields productive and motivated employees, increasing your retention rates. Unfortunately, only 12% of employees strongly agree that their employer succeeds with Onboarding new hires, and 20% of newly hired staff are unlikely to recommend their employer after their Onboarding experience. By reaching out to your new employees using Talenthub, you heighten your chances of getting it right.

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