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Analyze all data with ease

Let the feedback do the talking and identify ways to perform better than benchmark, globally and within your industry. Watch your scores grow over time, filter by segments and share results with relevant stakeholders. All without the need for any analyst experience.

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Global and industry-based benchmarks

Compare scores globally or within industry to track performance against competitors, and identify ways to stand out from the crowd.

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Enrich data with qualitative feedback

Learn what candidates, new hires, hiring managers and recruiters value and challenge in the recruitment process and why.

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Best practice sharing for effective data analysis

Equip the hiring team with dashboards focused on best practices, recommendations and filters to act on collected data efficiently.

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Share reports with relevant stakeholders

Send regular email reports to align on team performance and export data to showcase Candidate Experience progress across departments.

No analytical skills required to maximize data potential

Easily navigate through all data with Talenthub's dashboard, receive in-platform recommendations based on data trends and make the most of the candidate feedback with tailored assistance from a dedicated Candidate Experience Manager.


  • Start optimizing the recruitment process internally and externally with regular data reviews, continuous monitoring of the survey flows and convenient best-practice sharing from a dedicated Talenthub Candidate Experience Manager.
  • Discover and measure against global and industry-specific benchmarks directly in the dashboard and work towards exceeding them.
  • Effortlessly navigate through data collected across different time periods, locations, departments, job requisitions and much more.




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"Our company was completely data-driven... except for recruitment. Talenthub was what we needed to align our recruitment process to the way the rest of the business is run.”

Michael Stopps, Senior Director for Talent Acquisition


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