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Enhanced recruitment directly through the ATS

Talenthub integrates into your ATS and uses your existing candidate journey to collect relevant and actionable feedback. All first-hand from your candidates, with no extra work from you.

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API integration for automatic feedback collection

No need to send any feedback surveys manually or keep track of submissions. The journey to great Candidate Experience is fully automated: simply integrate Talenthub with the ATS via an API. All on top of an existing recruitment flow.

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All data points in one dashboard

The API integration enables a 360 overview of all data collected through every stage of the process. Segment and filter candidate feedback by recruiter, department, job, hiring manager or location, and any other data point supported by the ATS.

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Convenient technical support

The integration with the ATS is handled by Talenthub from start to finish. A dedicated Candidate Experience Manager is there to set up the platform, ensure all data is being collected correctly, assist in building surveys flows, data interpretation and more.

Collect candidate feedback on top of an existing setup

Candidate feedback collection made easy. Either integrate directly into an ATS setup with an API, or simply embed candidate survey links directly into existing candidate communication for every stage of the process. No extra effort needed to start prioritizing great Candidate Experience.


  • Collect, measure and analyze candidate feedback automatically with Talenthub's ATS integrations, and direct the focus into making great Candidate Experience a competitive edge.
  • Full technical support from a dedicated Candidate Experience Manager to maximize the potential of candidate feedback from day one.
  • Customize dashboards to match custom segments and categories from the ATS setup and get an accurate reflection of the recruitment process.

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"I have seen a change in my role throughout my collaboration with Talenthub. Previously, I considered myself a gatekeeper to the company, selecting and rejecting candidates. But now, having access to our candidates' insights, I am aware of the need to build better connections with all candidates through communication and engagement."

Niklas Boserup, Talent Acquisition Consultant at Demant


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