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Measure and improve your Candidate Experience

Collect candidate feedback and start improving your Candidate Experience at the source. Embed your customized surveys at relevant touchpoints in your candidate communication to identify any strengths and opportunities in your recruitment process. 


Automatic data collection

Direct integration with the ATS enables automatic collection of candidate feedback, allowing businesses to focus on improving Candidate Experience.



Custom survey questions

Build a custom survey flow based on Talenthub's proven driver framework with unlimited access to a library of 250+ verified survey questions.


Built to match the brand

Talenthub's candidate surveys support color, font and logo customization to establish a cohesive look and feel that promotes every brand.


Surveys in 25+ languages

Track candidate feedback globally with survey templates in over 25 languages, and the flexibility to add more upon request.

Hire the right talent with improved Candidate Experience

Maximize existing candidate communication touchpoints and use first-hand feedback to uncover potential areas for improvement, showcase strengths and identify ways to turn the recruitment process into a competitive edge.


  • Establish and measure on Candidate Experience KPIs to win the war for talent with an optimized recruitment process that prioritizes stellar Candidate Experience.
  • Boost Employer Branding by collecting and acting on first-hand candidate feedback.
  • Unlock quantitative and qualitative data points to easily identify areas for improvement and engage relevant stakeholders to promote hiring efficiency.






"The way Talenthub can help is to provide a good Candidate Experience. Many companies are looking for the same candidates and right now, it is a candidate market. And I truly think that the candidates will choose the company that provides the best Candidate Experience.”

Niklas Boserup, Talent Acquisition Consultant at Demant


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