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Use data to drive change

Tap into the insights of candidate feedback collected directly through your recruitment process. Navigate through your data easily, share reports with relevant stakeholders and let the numbers be the advocate for a better Candidate Experience.

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Track and improve cNPS

Track cNPS based on direct candidate feedback and understand how your recruitment process contributes to the hiring strategy.

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Add custom data tags

Manage qualitative data with custom tags to categorize relevant insights from candidates and use them to flag noteworthy feedback and data points to prioritize.

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Personalize objectives

Use the dashboard to track performance at a glance, dive deeper into specific data points and adapt hiring efforts to personalized objectives set by the platform.

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Show value with data

Effortlessly export progress reports to showcase the value of Candidate Experience across departments. Add to presentations with one click or integrate directly into BI tools.

Show the real value of Candidate Experience with shareable data

Showcase the connection between stellar Candidate Experience and relevant recruitment KPIs. Narrow the focus and filter candidate feedback using custom tags and build essential segment reports.


  • Showcase successes and easily share reports with relevant stakeholders via CSV, PDF or automatically generated PowerPoint slides.
  • Conveniently make data-driven decisions by tracking and showcasing improved scores over time.
  • A dashboard that works for every set up, with custom filters, segments and data tags.



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"At Unity, feedback is a gift. The wealth of data accumulated from candidates enables us to make qualitative KPIs and compare the performances of its hiring teams, measuring integral elements of the recruitment process such as time to hire and Candidate Experience."

Lene May Nielsen, Head of Global Recruitment Operations at Unity


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