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The entire recruitment team on one page

Recruitment is a complex process with many stakeholders whose performance directly affects your Candidate Experience. Keep track of your hiring efforts holistically and by segment with continuous surveying of your candidates, recruiters and hiring managers.

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Apply custom segments and data filters

The ATS integration supplies the analytics platform with an abundance of data; filter scores based on recruiter, department, job, location and more.

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Toggle and save custom dashboard views

Build and save custom dashboard views to get all key data in one place, and easily share them with relevant team members.

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Customize user permissions

Provide teams with the right data to monitor their performance, and highlight information that is relevant to them and their team workspace.

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Data at a glance with heatmaps

Use the heatmap view to quickly identify high and low performing departments, units and staff to coordinate all hiring efforts.

Hiring Manager and Recruiter satisfaction 

Segment and filter all candidate feedback by recruiter and hiring manager to get an overview of team performance. Collect feedback directly from those who drive the hiring efforts, create custom reports and objectives, and empower all team members to understand and contribute to exceptional Candidate Experience.


  • Understand team dynamics to recognize and improve on areas that hinder the efficiency of the recruitment process.
  • Equip the team with tools to track and report on their performance in relation to Candidate Experience KPIs.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the team's level of collaboration and overall satisfaction in order to cultivate a strong team spirit and enhance employee well-being.

HR director checking recruitment KPIs



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“Our recruiters go in on a weekly basis and check the data in Talenthub and see how they’re doing. And that’s what’s so great about the segregation of data that each recruiter can see how they’re doing and we’re able to set up KPIs specifically for them and their teams.”

Lene May Nielsen, Head of Global Recruitment Operations at Unity


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