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This webinar is first and foremost about what candidates like and despise in a recruitment process. Talenthub is a software company enabling global enterprises in improving their candidate experience, thus allowing them to reduce hiring time, increase velocity and hire the best people. That gives us unique insights into real time trends in recruitment and most importantly what candidates like and dislike.

Duration: 45 minutes

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Watch this webinar if you want to get a data-backed picture of the current trends and more importantly a proposition to a solution to them. We will show you the Candidate Portal, being a solution to guide and retain candidates in recruitment processes and more importantly layout the costs related to candidates dropping out of your process due to bad handling.

Hear Candidate Experience Specialists Elizabeth Grogan and Mathilde Hauschild tell you about their experience from their work, and even dive into Elizabeth's personal history of coming from the US to Europe as a job-seeking candidate.

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