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We help companies track and improve their candidate journey

Our product provides insights throughout the entire recruitment process which can help you build exceptional candidate experiences.

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Why candidate experience is important to your company

The standard of recruitment is changing due to a more transparent world and the war for talent. Organizations that fail to adapt their recruitment process may find themselves having problems building a strong talent pipeline in the future. 

Improve your candidate experience if you want to create more brand ambassadors, which will increase referrals and make it easier for you to attract job seekers from a scarce talent pool. 

Candidates can very often be customers or associated with your business in other ways, which means that candidate experience has an influence on the revenue in most companies.

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More qualified applicants

95% of candidates with a positive recruitment experience will more likely apply again or refer others to apply. 

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A stronger brand

Avoid detractors and negative public ratings. 72% of all candidates share the experience with people in their network.

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Increased revenue

88% of candidates with a positive recruitment experience are more likely to increase their purchase with your company.

Product Analyse Engagement

How it works

Product Analyse Engagement

Collect feedback

We make it easy to automate feedback from candidates in all the essential steps of your candidate journey.

Analyze insights

Our platform gives you a simple overview and supports in-depth analysis that will provide your team with valuable insights about your recruitment funnel.

Act and improve

With the right insights, you will be able to take action and measure the effectiveness and performance of your hiring managers and recruiters, which can help your team develop their talent acquisition capabilities.

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Collect data in every important step of your candidate journey

Whether you want to collect feedback from visitors on your career page, during the recruitment process, after job interviews or throughout the onboarding; our platform supports it all. Each survey is customized and integrated as a natural part of the candidate journey. And you can, of course, benchmark your scores against other companies.


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Lidiya Nadych-Petrenko
Head of Global Talent Attraction at JTI

Candidate Experience is not a new term at JTI, and it has always been a priority to deliver a great experience for all applicants. With talenthub they found the right tool to measure it:

"Good candidate experiences means brand ambassadors. Before we only had ideas and hunches, but talenthub now allows us at JTI to measure - and compare - our recruitment processes and structures to our different countries, but more importantly to other companies."
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Lidiya Nadych-Petrenko
Head of Global Talent Attraction at JTI