Hire faster and better with actionable data

Talenthub helps you improve on key performance metrics, based on relevant candidate feedback from your recruitment process.   

✓ Reduce time to hire

✓ Improve quality of hire

✓ Streamline your processes

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All data in one platform

  • Collect feedback from all stages of the recruitment process
  • Benchmark your goals both within the industry and globally
  • Insights, Metrics, and Answers all in one dashboard
  • Best in-class survey builder
  • Your personal Candidate Experience Manager

Hire better and create ambassadors
with an improved Candidate Experience


of all candidates

are rejected


are negative



would stop purchasing

your product or service

They succeed with great Candidate Experience

We help businesses all over the world hire better and faster by starting at the source – improving their recruitment efforts. Measure, act on data and align your processes like our existing customers.

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Power your recruitment with first-hand feedback

All your candidate insights and team metrics in one dashboard. Personalized to your needs, ready to be acted upon.

Power your recruitment with first-hand feedback
Group 10098

All your candidate insights and team metrics in one dashboard. Personalized to your needs, ready to be acted upon.

Let's build a candidate-centric culture

Candidate Experience platform

Analyze and optimize your Candidate Experience with direct data and feedback from your candidates.


Pre- & Onboarding Experience

Enhance your onboarding experience with feedback collected from your hires before and during their onboarding period.   


Hiring Manager & Recruiter survey

Identify gaps in the collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers


 NEW  Candidate Portal

Set your candidates up for success by providing them with the right guidance and learning material during the hiring process.

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We help transform candidates into
ambassadors all around the globe


candidates through

our platform


candidate replies

each month


countries around

the world

1 min

between each

candidate reply

"Getting so much valuable feedback from the candidates enables us to learn where we can improve and give an even better Candidate Experience"

Lene May Nielsen, Head of Global Recruitment Operations at Unity

Integrate with your ATS

Connect Talenthub with your favorite Applicant Tracking System to automate workflows and align data.
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Stop wasting time and start improving
your Candidate Experience today

All based on direct data and feedback from your candidates

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