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"Getting so much valuable feedback from the candidates, enables us to learn where we can improve and give an even better Candidate Experience"

Lene May Nielsen
Head of Global Recruitment Operations

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A solution to match Unity's needs

Today, Unity has 6,000 employees. Critical to Unity's success is the ability to hire excellent talent to facilitate growth. Therefore, to stay at the top of its game, Unity employs thousands every year. Last year Unity received 250,000 applicants, and in Q1 of 2022 alone, applications totalled 75,000. 

With such a high hiring rate, Lena Mine Nillson, the Global Head of Recruitment Operations at Unity, believes that 'candidate experience is key to their future success.'

Unity wanted a more comprehensive understanding of what they were doing right in their recruitment process and where to improve. So, whilst exploring the marketplace, they found Talenthub.

Excellent candidate experience anywhere in the world

Unity has offices in more than forty locations, and the ambition was to create an aligned candidate experience journey. As a global company, it is vital for Unity that they deliver consistently excellent recruitment experiences no matter where their candidates are.

Access to Unity’s untapped recruitment data

In possession of the Talenthub tool, Unity can align their candidate experience and compare performance in different locations. 

At Unity, feedback is a gift. The wealth of data accumulated from candidates enables Unity to make qualitative KPIs and compare the performances of its hiring teams, measuring integral elements of the recruitment process such as time to hire and the candidate's experience. 

Furthermore, it allows them to acquire an insight into how they are doing in a specific location. For Lena, segregating data into particular locations enables them to analyze their performance better. 

Access to data from different locations supports the alignment of Unity's recruitment worldwide. Additionally, whether they may apply, creating best-in-class recruitment experiences for candidates is vital to Unity's future hiring successes.

A globally aligned recruitment process

After trialing the Talenthub tool in their offices in Helsinki and Montreal, the success of the feedback and the response rate led Unity to integrate it across the company. Thus, creating a standardized recruitment process across all offices in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

From the beginning, Unity was thrilled with the collaboration between themselves and Talenthub. For Lena, the freedom to create a customized solution fitting Unity's purposes was crucial and how swiftly integration into their existing ATS made the venture a success.

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